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Understanding the different types of personal injury lawsuits

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2021 | Personal Injury

When you suffer an injury caused by someone else, remember that you have the right to file litigation. You deserve compensation for requisite medical care as well as pain and suffering.

Depending on your claim, you stand to receive a significant award. Stay cognizant of the various types of personal injury for which you can sue.

Different types of personal injury lawsuits

Car accidents are a common source of personal injury cases. Consider litigating if there is evidence indicating that the other driver bears guilt. Examples include video surveillance footage and eyewitnesses.

Slip and fall incidents happen all the time. Wet floors and obstructions on walkways often cause innocent pedestrians to get hurt. A business or local government may bear responsibility.

Product liability is another form of personal injury. Defective products can cause catastrophes. When manufacturers do not pursue reasonable safety measures, a civil lawsuit might result.

Different awards for personal injury lawsuits

The amount a judge may grant your claim depends on various factors. There is no scientific method for determining how much you deserve. Indeed, the answer is subjective by nature.

Physical damages are easiest to calculate. Hospital bills and destroyed property have specific amounts you may tally. Calculating the worth of your emotional pain requires a professional with relevant experience.

One method of determining how much you deserve is by comparing your case with those that are similar. Make sure you identify the highest-paying awards for superior results.

Personal injury litigation starts with verifying its legitimacy and ends with a verdict. For best results, maintain awareness of the myriad factors surrounding these complex cases.